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Mission Statement / Business Strategy:

At Chapman IT, we handle business a little differently than most other organizations we have encountered. We encourage people to address computer problems, whatever they may be, on their own. The internet is full of tutorials and guides, often with descriptive pictures or even videos, showing people how to accomplish many common tasks with their computer (and many other things, for that matter). We offer some tutorials here and hope our visitors can use them to some benefit. We encourage this for many reasons. We enjoy doing this type of thing, and enjoy facing problems and finding solutions to obstacles we face. Nothing makes us happier than people successfully using technology to make their life more fun and easier.

That said, we also respect those who are content with their area of specialty and don't mind kicking back while paying an 'expert' to do things which they don't enjoy, or have no interest in learning. We also know that some problems cannot be solved easily or time-effectively by following some free guide. That is where we come in. We think that, between complex tasks and people being busy enough in their lives without dedicating valuable time to learning a new trade or aspect of it, there will be plenty of computer work to go around. And we thank people for allowing us to help.

When our services are required, we will always provide free in-store or reasonable on-site diagnostics. Our pricing for in-store services will always be the cheaper of a per-job and an hourly rate. We do this to keep a difficult to diagnose problem from costing an arm and a leg. Before you lose sleep over our lost wages, we hope to be working on three or four computers at once (as we are often installing software, running diagnostic or cleaning utilities, etc, which are time consuming). We can't use the same pricing options for on-site services, as we cannot multi-task and must charge hourly rates in addition to any parts requested and other standard fees.