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Data Backup

We encourage users to take this into their own hands, as backups should be performed far more frequently than anyone wants to see a computer tech. We will be happy to ensure important data is included in a your backup and/or automate a backup process (so that it occurs without user specification). Other users may be interested in a more costly but thorough solution which occurs through a internet connection -- ensuring data privacy and security even in the event of theft or localized disaster.

For casual users, effective backup solutions can usually be done easily using existing hard drive space or by purchasing an external drive. Alternately, online solutions are more reasonably priced than they once were, and free web-based solutions are great for those with limited data to backup.

If you need professional guidance or if your data is invaluable and you want absolute assurance that your backups are working as they should, and that you are able to restore information from your backup if needed, let us know. We will do a free in-store or a reasonable on-location consultation. We will determine if your current backup solution is working and effective. We can make estimates on time-based or persistent backup options as the data sensitivity demands and how much the necessary hardware, software, and/or web services would cost to implement.