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Custom PC Builds

For most casual computer users, we recommend purchasing a pre-built system from a retail computer manufacturer. Many companies build perfectly functioning PCs for low costs thanks to their bulk part purchases and efficient build process. These machines have respectable warranties that can save lots of time and money in the event of defective hardware.

We would advise the following users to consider alternative options:

(Users who)
  • need a powerful machine with a high-end graphics card (for gaming, usually)
  • are interested in learning more about computers and want to learn through the hands-on process of piecing together a build
  • need a system which consumes a very low amount of power or will be used for a specific purpose -- such as a home media center, or predominantly for internet browsing and office applications

In these cases, we would either recommend a custom build, which we are happy to draw up a proposal for, or refer the person to another company who specializes in systems which address the needs of the situation. Often, though, the situation can be addressed by using a standard build and adding some specialized hardware.