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Computer Work (click for more information)


Computers slow down over time. It happens. I've revitalized many old systems by doing a thorough cleaning (disk defrag, program start-up consideration, registry cleaning, ad/spyware removal) or a clean install (backup important data, perform a fresh OS install, then load important data). We usually encourage this as a first step, then resort to hardware upgrades if results aren't satisfactory.


Often an old machine just needs a couple of new parts to perk it back to reliable performance. We will tell you which parts we recommend and at what price we can get them and/or install them for you. We keep very few parts in stock in order to keep costs down. You can often save a significant amount of money by buying online and waiting the few days to ship. When time is not an option, we will buy local retail and install if necessary.

Malware Removal (to include viruses, adware and spyware)

Malware is any 'bad' (destructive or intrusive) software. We think some legitimate software is malware, intentionally or not. Removing this software or cleaning up after the problems it causes can often be done by free software or by following online guides. When it cannot, we are happy to spend some quality time with your box and ensure it is running as it should before we get it back to you. In rare cases, a data backup and clean install is the most efficient or only solution.

Data Backup

We encourage users to take this into their own hands, as backups should be performed far more frequently than anyone wants to see a computer tech. We will be happy to ensure important data is included in a your backup and/or automate a backup process (so that it occurs without user specification). Other users may be interested in a more costly but thorough solution which occurs through a internet connection -- ensuring data privacy and security even in the event of theft or localized disaster.

Software Recommendations

We use our computers for lots of different things. We also endorse, use, and appreciate free or reasonably priced software. If you want to use your computer for something, check here for our free software list, description, and reviews.

Media Services


Preserve your old VHS (or other non-digital format) video by converting them to DVD (with compressed digital of various sizes included). This is something we don't as readily encourage people to pursue simply because it is quite an undertaking. Normally, new hardware (a video capture card) and knowledge of a few different software applications is required for successful conversions. Still, we wish you the best if you choose to do this yourself.

Digital Video Handling

So you got a fancy new camcorder that captures your family memories digitally, in high-def? You just don't know what to do with it now that it's in this oh-so-easy to use format. We list the basic requirements to get that video off your camcorder and onto your hard-drive and/or a DVD. From there you can consider various types of compression (storing the video uncompressed will eat your hard-drive space very quickly) or video-hosting-services so that all your family members can easily access the footage you've captured. We will offer more advanced information -- even touching on video editing and software recommendations. We are available to help with these things.