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Computers slow down over time. It happens. I've revitalized many old systems by doing a thorough cleaning (disk defrag, program start-up consideration, registry cleaning, ad/spyware removal) or a clean install (backup important data, perform a fresh OS install, then load important data). We usually encourage this as a first step, then resort to hardware upgrades if results aren't satisfactory.

Due to the potentially complex nature of maintenance requests, they must be handled on a case by case basis. We encourage the willing to try one of our tutorials (Speeding up a computer, or Malware removal --coming soon) before seeking further help. Of course, we are happy to step in for serious problems or for those not interested in DIY work.

Our usual fix for a slow computer is to determine what is causing the slow speed and address the problem. The usual culprits are problematic/bloated software, malfunctioning hardware, limited available computer resources, malicious software, or some combination of these things. We are prepared to handle any scenario.