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Malware Removal

Malware is any 'bad' (destructive or intrusive) software. We think some legitimate software is malware, intentionally or not. Removing this software or cleaning up after the problems it causes can often be done by free software or by following online guides. When it cannot, we are happy to spend some quality time with your box and ensure it is running as it should before we get it back to you. In rare cases, a data backup and clean install is the most efficient or only solution.

Check back soon for our extensive Malware Removal tutorial
Our extensive tutorial demonstrates the process we normally go through to remove malware from a computer. It often involves much waiting and is better suited as benchwork for IT workers due to the considerable amount of waiting (for scans to complete and the likes). This is probably not an option if you are trying to clean your own computer unless you have a spare. Malware will sometimes cripple a machine such that it is no longer capable of internet activity. This is a major hindrance in repairing the machine and increases the necessity to have a backup or alternate machine handy.

Feel free to check out our tutorial. If it doesn't help or is too involved, let us have a look and we will clean up your computer for a reasonable price.