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Information About Remote Help

Chapman IT now has the ability to perform Remote Help. We plan on using this for various purposes: The link in the instruction at the bottom of this page is to a little tool that lets us remotely connect to other people's computers from mine for a few purposes: (1) To perform diagnostics to see what is wrong with a computer, (2) To attempt to correct problems which are causing a computer to improperly function.

The initial plan will be to use remote help for free diagnostics and promotional, time-limited, remote cleaning. We hope that eventually we can perform more intensive types of repair remotely in order to effectively multi-task -- enabling us to do more with our time and save our clients money.

Get Remote Help


  1. An active, working internet connection
  2. Administrative rights to your computer
  3. A meeting time approved by our staff (recommended, although you are free to request help without a prearranged meeting). Contact us by email or phone to schedule an appointment


  1. (optional, but recommended) Contact our staff to schedule an appointment -- call or email
  2. Click the following link to download the Chapman IT Remote Help Request file and either run it or save it to your computer, then run it