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Often an old machine just needs a couple of new parts to perk it back to reliable performance. We will tell you which parts we recommend and at what price we can get them and/or install them for you. We keep very few parts in stock in order to keep costs down. You can often save a significant amount of money by buying online and waiting the few days to ship. When time is not an option, we will buy local retail and install if necessary.

We are of the opinion that computers are treated as disposable far too frequently. We don't fault consumers in this area, however. If your computer stops working, what else would you do with it but get rid of it --especially with the high price of repairs and the reasonable prices of new machines which far outperform older ones. Our fault is with the lack of programs that take old computers, fix them when able, and put them in the hands of people who need them. Computers which can't be (cost-effectively) reused should be disposed of in a responsible way. This is the goal of our Free Computer program and we would love you to read all about it.

The issue at hand, though, upgrades. We know that times are hard, and money is tight. Many older computers could greatly benefit from some minor hardware upgrades in conjunction with a little maintenance. Machines could have their lifespan extended by as much as a few years for casual computer users who use their computer for mostly web surfing, office applications, and listening to music.

Like maintenance requests, upgrade advice must be considered on a case by case basis. Lucky for you, Chapman IT does free in-store and reasonable on-site estimates and diagnostics.