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We devote this section of ChapmanIT to promoting free software. We hope to inform individuals about the existence, quality, and availability of wonderful free software.

Most of this software is designed to run on Windows Operating Systems (XP, Vista, Windows 7) and some titles also run on other platforms (GNU Linux, OS-X, etc.). We enjoy the security and power of Linux, but know that many computers ship with a Windows variant from the factory and appreciate that many people have a family member or friend who can help with basic Windows troubleshooting but not as many people are comfortable troubleshooting a Linux or Mac system.

If you are new to free software or just want some background before downloading software onto your computer, we recommend you educate yourself. At the time of each review, the software we list here was free (for personal use, if not all use) and non malicious. Some of the programs offered toolbar installation or additional third-party software along with it, but nothing we recommend is sneaky about getting that software onto your computer or preventing the removal of that software. For a good overview of or introduction to free software, have a look at our tutorial What You should know about free software.

If you just want to see software titles we recommend, proceed to our Free Software List.