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Software Review

(cd/dvd writing, burning, copying, authoring)
CDBurnerXP, for me, is a replacement for the CD burning software such as Nero. It has a simple and intuitive interface, but covers 90% of users need.

CDBurnerXP allows you to create a data disk, an audio disk, copy a CD/DVD, create and save an image (.iso), and burn an image. This is great software for anyone who needs more capability than standard drag and drop, then burn functionality that Windows XP offers.

The only drawback of CDBurnerXP is that it can not handle multiple sessions on one disk(some software will allow you to write onto a [CD/DVD]-R medium multiple times, adding content to the original content until the disk is full). This would be a larger issue if flash drives (usb drives, thumb drives) were not so cheap and convenient. [go to software page]