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Software Review

DVD Flick
(dvd authoring)
I recently needed to take some video files I had recorded and make them into a DVD which could play on a standard player. I realized that my version of Nero 6 could do that, but I always long for a freeware solution to problems which others could reasonably face.

DVD Flick saves the day. By following guides on its site, I was easily able to convert the video files I had edited and compressed (using the xvid codec) to DVD ready files. DVD Flick will turn them into a DVD image for you (.iso) if you choose the correct setting. I didn't, but was still able to build the DVD using CDBurnerXP (ImgBurn also does the trick).

This relatively advanced process will likely take some time to get it right and some diligent tutorial following, but will be a great way to share family memories with anyone with a DVD Player. [go to software page]