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Software Review

(peer-to-peer [p2p] file sharing, file downloading)
2009.04.15 Update
I rarely use FrostWire anymore. It has its benefits (it enables you to download popular songs and videos quickly), but I almost exclusively use uTorrent for downloading now with the rare exception of Soulseek.


Going back in time, there was Napster. Since then, there have been loads of other useful p2p file sharing programs such as WinMX, Morpheus, Kazaa, iMesh, eDonkey/eMule...

The one I used until recently was LimeWire. It works well enough, but Frostwire is an open source, free branch-off which gives you the benefits of LimeWire Pro without having to pay.

There are other p2p file sharing programs out there which work well enough, I'm sure, but this one does well for me. For those of you only interested in music (especially more eclectic varieties) or who prefer entire albums, I recommend Soulseek or uTorrent.

---installation notice---

after using the most recent install, and harboring a dislike for browser toolbars, i would recommend being careful when installing FrostWire. It is bundled with a toolbar and you have to un-check three different check boxes to install it without the toolbar. one of the checkboxes is a little misleading as it indicates that you have read the license agreement AND want to install FrostWire. when the box is un-checked, you still install FrostWire but get no toolbar.

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