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Software Review

(video editing, capturing)
VirtualDub is powerful software. It will likely frighten off new users unless they are vigilant and willing to read up on some tutorials or spend some time tinkering around. Those who are familiar with some type of video editing will appreciate the two panel layout and straightforward (if not intuitive) user interface.

This software allows advanced things like video rotation, scaling, and encoding to be done all in one pass, and makes editing (combining scenes or removing section) a sinch, once the software is familiar to the user.

If you have really basic needs, you may be able to use this to re-encode DV straight from your camcorder and not use much else (maybe use Windows Movie Maker or some other software). But if you tinker with video much, you will quickly outgrow simple solutions or grow tired of the lack of encoding options and seek something better. If you don't want to pay for more sophisticated software, you will likely come back to VirtualDub. [go to software page]