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Software Review

ZoneAlarm Free
(firewall, security)
ZoneAlarm Free is free for personal use.

Antivirus isn't always enough. For those who are tired of getting viruses even though they run antivirus, add a layer of security with a firewall.

Firewalls are only as secure as you allow them to be. They usually ask you for your response when a program wants to access the internet. If you want to allow the program to access the internet, you click to 'allow'...there is also an option to 'remember allow' for the given program. After a week of annoying pop up boxes, your computer will be pretty safe and new boxes will only appear when you install new software or something new is accessing the internet.


ZoneAlarm Free is a firewall which automatically allows certain programs to access the internet (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Outlook, and other common, safe applications) and asks you when other programs try to access the internet. It will be a slightly tedious process, but following through with the setup and initial week or two of program 'learning' will provide you with a safe system.


to find the 'free' version, click 'products and services' and then 'basic firewall' [go to software page]