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Software Review

(driver updating)
RadarSync is helpful when trying to keep drivers updated on your computer in a timely fashion. You can go to the manufacturer webpage of each part of your computer (assuming you know or can easily find who makes each part and its model number for reference)...go to the website and find the newest drivers and download and install each one; but RadarSync takes much of the legwork out of the process by doing it for you.

This program is especially useful if you are using generic microsoft drivers because you have lost your driver installation CDs after doing a clean install or something like that. Drivers can safely be found by referring to each device's manufacturer webpage (usually), but sometimes a device can have multiple drivers and a user has to manually update each this program automates the process to some degree and takes some of the legwork out of hunting down drivers.

Like all freeware (especially non open-source), be sure to pay attention during the installation of this software and opt out of any 'offers' you are presented with as well as toolbars or additional software which may be included. [go to software page]