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Software Review

Exsate DV Capture Live
(digital video [dv] capture, transfer)
DV Capture Live is great software that allows you to transfer Digital Video (DV) from your FireWire (IEEE-1394) device to your computer very easily.

The capabilities do not extend much beyond that, but it does what it is supposed to do well. It will capture 'up to the current position', or 'the entire tape.' It will also rewind the tape for you. Essentially, once the program recognizes your DV Camera, it can control it.

This software is likely offered free because once you get the DV onto your computer, you will want to do something fun with it (edit it, reduce size, add fun transitions, etc.) and they offer software which will do those things at a small price.

I personally would, at that point, refer you to more free software such as VirtualDub, which has its own review. [go to software page]