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Software Review

(internet browsing)
I jumped on board with Firefox (2) a little late in the game, mostly because it seemed faster than IE and and I liked it's tab usage better. I've been using Chrome since it came out, but not due to any fault on Firefox's part. The only thing I like about Chrome is that I feel I get a similar experience with a little more screen real-estate (due to the 'pop-up when necessary' status bar, mostly). Firefox still has a corner on plug-ins, though. If you like browser customization and gadgets, I'd recommend Firefox.

I've heard tests that Firefox 3 (and Chrome) are faster at loading content than IE, but I'd imagine most users would not be able to tell the difference. My only argument for not using IE is that many viruses and hackers would be more inclined to target IE due to it's popularity and frequent use. [go to software page]