Quite a bit of my personal time is dedicated to listening to, finding new, and just enjoying music. I first got into music, by which I mean I stopped simply listening to what some radio station spoon-fed me, when I was in my early teen years, or late middle-school. Prior to that I had mostly listened to whatever my older brothers, of which I have five, listened to. When they were all high-school age or older, and usually away from home, I was alone more often and the opportunity to develop my own taste arose. I was given some tapes of old Melanie Safka records and some old Beetles songs by a friend of mine. Upon going to high-school, I got into some third-wave ska and punk music before that led me to harder, and eventually more emotional, and intricate types. Since then, I have broadened my tastes, continually looking for innovative, passionate, and well played music.

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