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Web Site Design and Web Programming

Websites are valuable tools for many businesses. We would love to discuss the possibilities of a website and the cost/benefit associated with the endeavor. There are also many website creation services (free and module-based) available which we would be happy to explain the pros and cons of. This is sometimes the best option to learn if a website can bring more attention to your business.

It is always possible to change over to a managed solution (help from us) if the content becomes too much to handle or some features you wish to implement are too advanced timely implementation. In this event, we are happy to discuss additional options such as redesign, hosting, database integration, and web based revenue intake.

Some technologies we regularly make use of and are confident using follow:

  • CSS/CSS2
  • PHP
  • JavaScript / Ajax
  • Drupal
  • Google Sites
  • Ruby on Rails
  • ...learning more each day

Because we enjoy studying current and upcoming technologies, and due to our base understanding of code writing, learning new technologies is usually a fairly quick process and we look forward to the chance to apply new technologies to fun projects!